The Best Beams Service

We are the first, and currently the only in Poland specialist professional company, with the experience dating back to 1993, guaranteeing road safety and satisfaction of driving great Peugeot Citroen cars, with rear end suspension, being broken up due to a lack of proper knowledge and poor quality of Polish roads.

We offer at sight regeneration of Peugeot Citroen rear beams within 90 minutes in case of disassembled beams and about 180 minutes when a beam is assembled.

The only in Poland professional regeneration of rear beams at sight, 19 years of experience. No cheap solutions, fake prices etc. We have nothing to hide, you can be present in our garage at the regeneration.

You see what you drive on and know for what parts you pay !

See Facts and traps and Compare us with other sections.

Clients from whole Poland and half of Europe trusted us.

Trust us as well !

We were awarded with the Reliable Company certificate, which is a proof of our reliability, trustworthiness and loyalty of our customers.

Our offer is addressed mainly to garages and authorised car services as this is a seemingly simple repair (90% of clients) but also private car owners can use our professional at sight services.

Your satisfaction and our success is based on several people, who work in 3 buildings, where we offer rear beam replacement, regenerate beams and repair control arms.

Our rear beams for Peugeots and Citroens like brand new and are provided with a 3-years warranty.

The garage at 90 Rodakowskiego street is adjusted only for replacement and repairs of mudded beams, no “red carpets”, no unnecessary luxuries but with a waiting room for Customers tired with driving, where they have a bathroom, a TV and WiFi Internet access at their disposal.

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Nasi Klienci

Why You should trust us?

In 90% cases, we have a nose for defects and we are able to regenerate beams with eyes shut even in darkness. Thanks to You, we managed to gain much experience since 1993. You do not need to check and test us.

We do not use blacksmith methods for repairing beams, on mock equipment as in other companies, we do not use cheap parts in order to attract clients with low prices. This is a trade-off situation. Low cost of spare beams is nothing else than using cheapest elements in order to gain biggest profits and telling people that these are original elements. There are even such tricks that someone may offer you a repair of control arms for free or even disassemble a beam for free but this is covered by the lowest price of exchanged elements, which is sold at few-times profit. It’s their compensation as there is nothing for free in life. So, always ask about the cost of everything and compare their prices with ours. Be aware of cheap tricks.

We are able to repair beams even with closed eyes. We have 19 years of experience. We won't ask you to leave during repairs as we have nothing to hide.

Others show you the door as you would not observe their blacksmith methods, using hammers, burners or welders or they could give you a complete beam for your old one but you are not aware what this new one exactly is like.

Sometimes you have to leave your car for one, two or even five days. Avoid such situation ! Do you like troubles? Observe the process of repairing you car rear suspension as it is a matter of your safety. Such angry clients, who earlier trusted others, visit us everyday. Come and see for your self. We need 3 hours to regenerate rear beams if they are in car and 90 minute if you bring us a dismantled beam.

Always ask about the price. We, provide a clear and transparent pricelist. Our beams have even up to 3 years of warranty and they remain undamaged after the warranty period ! Other may not survive the warranty period or even one winter season and a client is happy that the repair was cheap but can not see how the beam is corroding. We do not offer a temporary satisfaction. We are different ! Sometimes it happens that you claim repairs once, twice and are sick of nerves and sell your car. Cheap beams for replacement or strict costs regardless checking the scope of damages is nothing else than saving using cheapest parts or saying that "it will drive for some time". A client can be sold a beam made of parts left from other client, like deformed springs. Do you want something like that?

We do not want to use your lack of knowledge or naivety in this field. We are to make you aware of these risks.

Regeneration of rear beams of Citroens and Peugeots is necessary due to wearing of rubber sealing and this seems to be an easy operation. Due to this, more and more companies appear on the market and offer repairs at very low prices.

They base on clients’ lack of knowledge in this field so don’t let be fooled by them !

Regenerating rear beams must be expensive as we use only best proven elements, imported from France (90%), directly from manufacturers not Chinese substitutes. The repair of the rear torsion suspension may happen to be very dangerous and complicated. This is why such service, properly realised, can be offered only by professionals who are doing this not for few, like our so called competitors, but over 19 years, having experience in various situations. Great experience allows us to feel defects of beams at glance and to make repairs at sight. We are the only company having the specialised equipment not only self made devices, as well as proper tools for checking concentricity and angles. Toe-in can not be set so quickly.

We do not want to offer fake bonuses just or low prices to attract clients.

At acquiring valuable information for future, you can observe our repairs and regeneration process of rear beams.

We do it at sight – in 90 minutes. Replacement of a beam on a car lasts up to 2 hours.

Dear Client, no one is a specialist in each field so skills of regenerating a rear beam in Peugeot 206 command to us – we are specialised in this.

We have no COMPETITION ! Do not compare us to other companies as we offer high quality of spare parts and services. Our rear beams for Citroens and Peugeots are just like new, having the warranty of quality and safety. Don’t get tricked by bonus spare parts as in fact, it can cost you twice more.

If someone does not care about own offer level, he has to fight with dump prices.

Or offers bonuses like a free replacement or repair of control arms or dismantle of a beam. He has to save on parts as there is nothing for free !

You won't have problems if you can calculate properly. Check out our transparent pricelist of beams regenerating and compare it with others.

In many cases, low cost means getting a ready rear beam, exchanging your old one, but its elements are worn out.

It is only adjusted to look as a new one and original.

But such “second hand” beam, despite seems to be ok, can, in fact, have worn springs, that can brake in your car.

Low cost of regeneration offered by our so called competition is also a result of unprofessional repairs, like welding beam elements, deformations of trailing arms or even improper assembly and regulation of elements, what you can see at our gallery – photo warning. Low price is also related with worst quality of spare parts. They are nothing else than cheap look-alike sold at cost of originals to unaware clients. Chinese substitutes of original parts is only the herald of future problems at the road and risks for all traffic participants. Forged elements do not have obligatory certifications, what only proves their poor quality.

If a mechanic is not a professional, he or she has to find new ways of attracting clients, like low prices. Low costs of beams regeneration is a trap that many fall in. Don’t be one of them !

Do not risk the safety of yourself and others. Do not get tricked by low prices, offered by pseudo-professionals.

Only we know that the key to professional and safe regeneration of rear beams is working using specialised devices, which we own, and which our competition does not have.

This is why we do not work as others - we do not have amateur self-made equipment.

We do not push pins inside or weld elements or heat them with burners, do not hit pins and arms with hammers.

Only we know that proper regeneration of rear beams does not consist in concealing damages and replacing elements without any consideration, but only in removing the damage causes.

Due to the above, we can say that only we offer real professional repairs of beams.

The fact is that pseudo-mechanics use unethical and dangerous solutions of regeneration and assembly of rear beams. Each client of us can see on his or her own what was broken in the car. Our pricelist specifies cost of all parts, which can (but don’t have to) be broken in your beam. It is a very rare situation that everything is damaged in a beam. We repair and replace only faulty elements – isn’t this similar when you repair front suspension? You know what you pay for ! We do not regard repairs of rear beams as a confidential matter. This differs us from other companies that gives you beams, regenerated without any third party inspection. You do not buy a pig in a poke here. We have no reasons to be ashamed. Services are realised at sight. You don’t have to leave your car for two or thee days just not to watch the repairs. We have a professional 6-memebrs staff, with many years of experience.

Only we offer 100% professional and reliable service.

Regeneration and replacement processes are controlled and to some extent realised by the company owner, who has great experience, so nothing can be omitted.

As the manufacturer of suspensions does not allow replacement of beam pivots, this is the key to a professional and safe service. A replaced pivot can not get loose due to any vibrations, what happens often in case of other companies.

This is why many heat and weld or even catches them with screws. Also sealing of beam bearings must be corrected and perfectly regulated. We use specialised equipment for repairs what guarantees highest quality of services and safety on the road. It is important to eliminate causes of defects and not only to replace needle bearings ! Be aware that road safety is the life of yours and others.

Please keep in mind that replacement of rear beams is a complex and dangerous process ! We cooperate with hundreds of car garages and services but also with private customers. We also repair beams sent by express or delivered by another car but we also replace beams at cars on site. We greatly thank you ALL for your trust !

Thanks to long experience, regeneration of beams by us is of greatest quality, not achievable by others.

No one is able to have service equal to ours.

Even Peugeot and Citroen manufacturing plants would not be ashamed of our regenerated beams.

If you don‘t wish to have problems with rear beams and want to drive thousands of kilometres not being afraid of bumping sounds, squeaking or cracking, trust the professionals.

We know how to repair beams in such way that your car would not be a danger on the road, not only for you but also for other traffic participants

Bet on the safety and do not risk !

The beam won’t be damaged after our repair as from now, you will know and remember about the next date of replacement of worn rubber seals.

Then, you will not damage pivots, and for sure control arms, as bearings are always replaced.

Cars can drive even 300.000 kilometres because replacement and regeneration of beams should take place in accordance to manufacturer’s documentation.

What is more, you have an access to the post-warranty service. This is not offered nowhere else.

Deciding to use our services, you obtain the guarantee of the highest quality up to 3 years as only we have the specialised equipment, which guarantees safe replacement of pivots and best spare parts.

Here, you can control what we do with your beam. We have no reasons to hide anything as we do not modify metal structure, do not heat metal with burners, we are not blacksmiths as our competition, we do not harm beams by hitting them with hammers in order to level them. We do not regenerate pivots by padding, grinding, we do not put unsafe sleeves into weak and rubbed out beams in Xsaras, ZXs and 306s.


Too less time to repair all beams, despite the 15hours work day (even on Sundays), in order to provide service for all clients, from Poland and abroad.

By phone, we only register customers – we do not explain the process of beam repairs and the cost of it. The pricelist and all necessary information are available at our website.

The garage at 90 Rodakowskiego street is adjusted only for replacement and repairs of mudded beams, no “red carpets”, no unnecessary luxuries but with a waiting room for Customers tired with driving, where they have a bathroom, a TV and WiFi Internet access at their disposal.


Saxo_106_Ax Xsara_306_Zxpeugeot_206

All spare parts for regeneration and accessories are available on site.

No claims - we have experience as no other company in Poland has.

You know what you pay for. You cover the cost of only damaged parts.

You can assist us at disassembling and control everything with us.

The only in Poland original machine for pivots pressing.

The guarantee of the regenerated beam efficiency for 3 years in standard, with an option of extension to 4 years – we are the only one offering that.

Professional tips, related not only with rear suspension.

Professional and the safest regeneration of rear beams in Poland – at sight.

Just register before visiting us.

Peugeot and Citroen rear beams are repaired on your springs.

We do not offer used spare parts, with weak torsion bars.

No blacksmithing repairs – hammer, burner, welding and spading.

Attractive prices for spare parts of highest quality

Easy way to reach us from the ring roads 10 and 11.

How to contact us?

All who do not want to risk and give their car beams for regeneration to pseudo-professionals, can contact with us by phone or send us an email.

We ask you to be patient as we are not able to answer phones every 3 minutes and give advices concerning repairs of rear beams.

Please check out our offer where you can find answers for your all questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Peugeot Citroen Naprawa

Robert Szmytkowski

Ul Rodakowskiego 90

64-920 Piła

Call us and please wait for the connection,

MON – SAT, 8.00 – 17.00

tel. 48/67/351-26-27 Skype- peugeotcitroenpila

or complete the contact form

If, despite our care in the edition of this website, you found an error or an inactive link, please inform us about such fact.

We shall be grateful for your information.

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